Check below for a variety of the services we offer.

We can also tailor a package to suit you requirements.

Log Book Servicing

This ensures your vehicle warranty is maintained. We recommend this service for cars less than 5 years old.

Breakdown Service

We are available to assist you with any break downs or road side rescues within our operating hours.

(avoid costly tows to expensive workshops) 


We can perform ECU remapping for your diesel 4x4, car or SUV to provide more power and economy. Unlike diesel power modules, chips or tuning boxes, Diesel ECU remapping can edit the engines turbo boost maps, remove torque limiters and alter the start of injection before TDC, this where most of your safe power and torque gains can be made. 

Pre Purchase Inspection

When purchasing  a new vehicle we can come out to the vehicle and carry out anything from a basic check over to a full comprehensive written report on vehicles condition.

Mechanical Repairs

We can do all mechanical repairs no matter how big or small. Our vehicles are fully equipped mobile workshops.  


We are your one stop shop for DPF and EGR solutions.

We can repair, replace or remove your DPF/EGR.

(removal for off road use only)

Call us  to discuss the best options available  for your vehicle.

Tailored Servicing
(Minor & Major Services)

This puts you in control. You let us know what parts and fluids require changing on your vehicle and we can tailor make a unique service to fit your needs and budget.

Battery Replacement

Car wont start, No problem.

Simply give us a call and we can arrange a Technician to test or replace your battery with in the same day.


Our on-car special service tool is used to remove the carbon deposits that impact on vehicle performance which can cause costly damage.


We apply our special product to the induction system using our diesel Induction and EGR service tools.

This Reduces DPF regeneration cycles, Lowers emissions and smooths rough idle, while Improving Performance and Fuel Economy.